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Over a period, the global technological system has experienced tremendous changes that have resulted in the establishment of sophisticated machines. With the growth in technological advancement, the world has witnessed the emergence of personal computers and the emergence of global networking system using internet. Historically, the use of computers was restricted to the technological researchers who had the technological knowledge of using the machines.  However, because of invention and innovation, smaller computers with enhanced interactive interfaces have been developed. These smaller machines are readily accessible and available to all parties. Various organizations have ventured in the provision in the provision of computer machines to the global population. With the rise in the number of organizations providing computers, the consumers with are presented with a wide choice and variety of products in the market (Ben Shneiderman, 2010, 57). Therefore, the choice is based on the amount of satisfaction derived from the component. In this regard, various organizations have emerged to manufacture and provide computer devices to the global population. These organizations have developed web site through which they interact with their prospective buyers. Psychological findings have explained that the sales made through the organization’s web site largely depend on the instructiveness of the web site that enables consumers to stay long and interact with the organization (Andrew Sears, 2005, 231). Therefore, there are key features to consider when constructing an interactive web site. These features include cognitive dimensions and interactive designs among others. These features constitute the essentialities considered by the consumers when determining the choice of products. These features also stipulate the ease of use and accessibility of the web site.

The choice of website
After critical analysis of dell and apple websites, the website that manifests high use interactivity is dell website. The choice of dell as the preferred website is because the site is more users interactive and designed to take limited to extract the desired information. The programmers of the website have considerably emphasized the use of colors, font, imagery and decorations to captivate the attention of the users (Ben Shneiderman, 2010, 128). On the contrary, the apple web site has not employed appropriate use colors and fonts in the interface widow. The design of user interfaces needs to observe simplicity because most users do not understand the complexities of the programming language. This feature has been extensively used by the developers of the dell website in the implementation of simple and direct interface that users can view all the details at a glance.

Attributes of the website
The goal of human computer interface is to provide interaction between the computer and the human being using the machine. In most cases, the designs of the user interface hiders the communication between the machine and the individual (Ghaoui, 2005, 162). Hence, there is the need to conduct research aimed at establishing the best interface that eases communication. Of importance is the establishment of cognitive aspect of the interface.
Cognitive user interface aspects denote the mental processes of analyzing the interface. This mental analysis considers the strength of the website in establishing the content of the site and remembering its attributes (Ghaoui, 2005, 48). It also considers the understanding of the languages used and their vitality in decision-making. In this regard, dell website has succeeded in the creation of mental picture that is reliable because of the presentability of the website. The website has efficiently employed the use of simple language to communicate about their products. The use of simple language of communication is beneficial it enables the success of communication and enhances understanding between the users and the organization. Another key cognitive attribute is the use of fonts and colors that captures the attention of the readers (Ghaoui, 2005). The analysis of the website reveals that dell programmers have employed the use of different fonts and colors to captivate and entertain the attention of the users. This is extremely beneficial for the organization because the prospective buyers and customers are captivated when making their choices (Ben Shneiderman, 2010). Finally, cognitive aspect has been extensively used in the website using marquee photo images. These images are highly beneficial to the website because of the enhancement of admiration and the removal of boredom. With the use of various images in the website, the developers have enhanced the development of mental pictures that encouraged the user to maintain usage of the site. This particular feature is absent in the apple website.

Affective interactive designs
The official dell website is characterized by affective and interactive designs that portray positive aspects of the company. It is vital that website designers establish designs that influence the user’s emotional response. Research findings have stipulated that peoples’ use of the website is based on the emotional and pleasure theories (Ben Shneiderman, 2010). This theory of pleasure and emotion has been extensively in the development of the official user interface. This website has employed the use of attributes that excites emotional response. Some of the attributes that triggers emotional response with the use of this interface is the use of colors, images and design. The user of expressive interface and animations is highly beneficial in the creation of affective interactive designs (Andrew Sears, 2005, 92). In this regard, dell website has succeeded in the creation of affective and interactive designs because of their expansive of colors, marquee images and organized website. The images portrayed in the website triggers emotional response because of the inspiration they provide to the users (Ghaoui, 2005). The affective design of the website is portrayed by the inclusion of contacts and the provision of headlines that captivates the events taking place in the organization.

Positive and negative aspects of the website
With the development of technology leading to the establishment of websites, various organizations have increased their sales margin by significant margins. In order to increase their sales, dell has employed the use of the website to reach global customers. The development of the dell website has positive attributes that has enhanced increased sales. These positive attributes of the website includes the development of affective and interactive user interface (Ghaoui, 2005). The website has also employed the use of cognitive dimensions that have resulted in user captivation. The website has also succeeded in attaining user interface instructiveness by implementing the feedback from customers and enacting the respective changes to enhance usability.
Despite the development of the interactive user interface, dell website has not been vibrant in persona development. Website persona development requires the establishment and identification of customers. The designers of the website have identified that there are various customers from ranging from individuals to organizations (Ben Shneiderman, 2010). However, the website should identify themselves with the provision of goods and services aimed for the satisfaction of the identified persona.

Friends’ analysis of the website
In a bid to provide quality analysis of the website, I invited both family members and friends to provide their views about the website. The people chosen for the analysis were male with ages ranging between 20years to 30years. In order to provide specialized analysis, the people chosen for the task were an accountant and an economics master’s student.

The consideration of their analysis reveals that they choice of the most user-friendly interface concur with the choice I made. In their view, they collectively agree that the developers of dell websites considered the cognitive dimensions. They state that their choice of the website is based on the effective use of color and fonts to captivate the mental process of the users. The use of colorful images is beneficial to the user interface because of the provision of entertainment to the users while they navigate through the website. However, contrary to my view regarding the development of persona, they argue that dell website has effectively identified its persona. In their argument, they state that the website has strategic development of the persona by highlighting that their machines are simpler to use. Persona development is emphasized by the use of simple language that all users can understand and the use of images that virtually all users are familiar with.

The critical analysis of the website considers the use of colors in the website to enhance effectivity of the user interface. Color has been cited to be extremely vital in capturing the user’s mental processes (Andrew Sears, 2005, 152). The use of color in the website has significant influence in developing user affectivity of the interface. In this regard, dell website should consider replacing the blue colors in the site with pink color or orange that captivates the attention of users and help increase the cognitive dimension of the interface design. Furthermore, the website should portray the diversity in the range of products provided. The provision of extra product range will increase user interactivity and enhance cognitive dimensions (Ben Shneiderman, 2010). The use extra images of product range will enhance the image of the website and portray is a goal-oriented website.

The global technological advancement has enhanced the development of computer technologies. In order to reach out the customers, the designers of these technologies must design user-friendly computer interface that captivates the users. Human computer interface is an extremely important aspect view of the technological development because of the rise in the number of computers that requires simple instructions. HCI stipulates the use of cognitive and affective dimensions to enhance user satisfaction and ease of accessibility.
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