Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Executive Summary of Master Solution Business Plan

Master solution is a new special company trying to cover an engineering market gap by providing wide range of services for engineering companies that may include 3D physical models, graphic design services, 3D animation videos, and other advantageous selling packages initially opening at Cairo the capital of Egypt. The firm is offering a total package at high quality with effective cost which aims to provide excellent support services to the leading companies, big group corporate and engineering offices.  Generally engineering companies either higher freelancers or order from china or other countries which is both costly and time consuming as different person is needed to complete each part of the services. In addition to this other companies do a minor task and do not provide all of the services as a result Master solution introduced that will provide all services in one place in less time, less cost, and more professional way, and will deliver quality standard to cover the gap in the market.

The company is new it will locate on a limited area and their target market is very specific mainly small and big engineering companies. Although the proponents deem this business plan to be doable and feasible yet there are risks and challenges that Team Alberto serco who is the CEO, and Yasmine GM must first confront in order to differentiate itself among other offering similar conveniences and services that the other firms provides. Because of experience and major share in the investment they will both work to achieve the company’s success.
The competitive analysis of the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the business will be conducted. The first the company will provide services for 20% of the market taking advantage of low cost and high quality and the payback period will be 1 year with initial investments of up to 50,000 GBP to allocate to marketing and human resources staffing i.e. university students due to their excellent education base, the seed fund can also be used for brand building. The action plan will be in three stages starting from the university, then to an office where higher professionals will work not the students and more services can be given and finally to become a multinational company. Future plans include expanding the business with other areas in and around Egypt and to be leader in this field.
On its first year, Master solution would invest heavily in establishing brand as the best solutions to attract major and big companies and to achieve 20% market share. The company might benefit from word-of-mouth marketing and strategic promotional efforts to engage its intended audience to the convenience and prestige earned by providing excellent support services. In view hereof, Master Solution on its first few years might post losses due to initial investments. It only expects to post break-even results on its third year and profit beginning fifth to seventh year.

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