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Ethics and the Administration of Justice

Students with Individualized needs

In a classroom setting, there are different categories of students; some are quick at learning while others need special attention because of a variety of factors that affect the way they learn.  These categories of students need to be attended to individually. They are the set of students that need individualized attention. In order for a teacher to be an efficient teacher, the various needs of these students must be taken into consideration.
It is advisable that teachers should adapt their teacher to cater for the needs of these students. Depending on the kind of needs they require, teachers should introduce some modification to the lesson plan.
The extent to which a teacher should go is determined by the particular challenges such students is facing. It is particular important for teachers to be alert in the classroom. It is only when they (the teachers) are alert that many of these details would concerning the needs of the student. For instance, in a hypothetical class of twenty students, assuming the teacher is teaching is teaching them computer science, while some students will grab it on time, students with special needs may need to be shown a physical computer with explanations. The teacher should ensure that there is a computer set. After the teacher have done that, she may proceed and ask the student similar questions that is meant for the entire class. Once this approach is adopted by the teacher, these categories of student will not lag behind.

“Inner Mind” of Teaching
Teaching is an act and as an act, it requires an active mind. For teaching to be as effective as required, the teacher’s inner mind must be very active. This is a basic requirement. In the classroom, the teacher is faced everyday with issues that require her to make use of her cognitive functions and decide her action plan. Many of these situations present themselves vividly and the teacher must be responsive to these situations.
Having to teach in the classroom that has students with different leaning curves.  Some students are quick learners while some are an average in terms of education. Nonetheless, both categories of students must be taught. Within the mind of the teacher, she know that teaching different category of student put a lot of stress on her so, she decide whether she intends following the prescribed teaching plan not  plan. .On several occasions, when it is time to teach the students; within her mid, she must have pictured in her mind how she wants the class to be. All that is needed to be one is for the teacher’s mind to be at rest. 
The role of visualization and role playing in creating a better lesson cannot be underestimated. When classroom teachings are backed up with visualization, it has been noticed to have a better effect on the students and it tends to make them understand and learn faster.  This is particular observed to have a positive effect on students that require individualized attention.

The impact of vision on learning
Without vision, nothing can be achieved. Vision is that unseen force which drives out action with passion. In the learning environment such as the school, vision in both the school and classroom impact so much on learning.  While establishing a school, it is structured based on vision. Vision also impact the way the curriculum is designed and thus necessary in the class.  It could be excused that the vision for a school should belong to the owner of the school but vision for a classroom should be the teacher’s. The teacher must have a vision of the class, the students, her strategies and her expected result after teaching. It is only when the teacher goes to classroom with the help of the vision in her mind can be teach efficiently and the students would surely understand her.

Differentiation can become a vision of excellence in the sense that if the desire to establish a school is driven by the desire to set a pace, and to create excellence, there this differentiation can be rightly considered a vision. In starting a school that meets the child’s need, the process of starting the school is the responsibility of the visionary. It is the person who has the vision that can establish the school that meets the child’s needs because the visionary possess the blueprint. With that, the school owner would be able to communicate her ideas to the teachers and other stakeholders in the educational environment.

What impact does this class teach me
This class has been most rewarding to me. Over the next year, I would be able to implement a lot. So far in this class, I have learnt much about students with different learning quotients which is rightly called Intelligence Quotient. I already know that for me to be an effective teacher, I must bear in mind that my lesson plan needs to be adapted because of differential IQs. Over the next year, I will ensure that in my class, whenever I am teaching, I will take time to adapt my lesson plans to fit in to all categories of students in the class. Students with special need will be given the required attention.

Also one of the things I learnt from the concepts in this class, I have learnt is how to know if my student’s mind is in the class or it has drifted away. This class has enabled me to know how to hold my student’s attention in class with different strategies. One of the strategies is being humorous. I will apply this concept when teaching my class. I also learnt the impact of vision in the classroom. I as a teacher will adapt my teaching to reflect this concept. Before going to class, I would have drafted my vision for all the categories of students in the class and my expectation for them. Vision is as important as the students to be taught because they are also considered as visions to me.

Ethical Bar
As it is quite known all around that there are some behaviors or conduct that the society frowns at, discussions bothering on ethical conducts are not uncommon. On a daily basis, the media are being bombarded with news concerning general workplace behaviors which are considered unethical and law enforcement agents, which are being reported as breaking the very ethical oath they promise to keep, it is doubtful that ethical behaviors are being observed. To this end, I strongly believe that the ethical bar will not rise in the future.
  One of the reasons I believe that ethical behaviors will continue to be broken which will in turn lower ethical bar in the future is the constant abuses of the people by law enforcement agents.

Oftentimes, the people have being at the receiving end of police brutality. Cases of wanton arrest pervade the town; lack of respect for the civil rights of the citizen by law enforcement agents; outright disregard for civil laws by the police; open show of brigandage by law enforcement agents and many other cases which we are all familiar with are enough pointer to it that the very ethical oath which the law enforcement agents promise to keep are broken by them (law enforcers). If the law enforcement agents break ethical code of conducts themselves, the future of ethical bar is very bleak and that explains why I said that it will not rise in the future but continue to fall at an alarming rate.

Another reason why ethical bar will fall in the future is in connection with conventional businesses and their ethical stand on certain issues. Ethical questions are being raised on societal stand on these issues. One of such to consider is the manufacturing of alcohol and other substances which are addictive. NGOs and other government agencies are constantly giving us a barrage of campaigns on the dangers of using addictive substances such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs. The ethical issue surrounding the use of these substances are staring everyone in the eye but relevant agencies and organs or government constantly remind us that these substances are dangerous. If these agencies’ take on this issue is as they opine, why do they (relevant bodies and organs or government) continue to issues licenses to operators to continue to operate? That is a one million dollar ethical question that remains unanswered. If this should continue unabated, there is no doubt that ethical bar will continue to fall in the future.   
Not stopping at that, the issue that pertains to abortion has become an ever present ethical issue being faced by religious bodies and relevant agents. Everyday, illegal abortions are being carried out everyday. Authorities and most religious organizations are undecided on this probing ethical question: should abortion be allowed? What are the parameters that determine whether a pregnancy should be terminated? These and many other ethical issues bordering on pregnancy are being swept under the carpet. With this scenario occurring every time, ethical bars will fall in the future.

Ethical Code of Conduct
Statement of Fact: Presented below are the codes of conduct for Primprose Information Technology and these codes shall serve as the benchmark for behaviors and conducts that this organization deems appropriate. All members of staff must swear an allegiance to the content therein and under no circumstance would any of the provisions of this ethical conducts be infringed upon. Any act directly or indirectly violating the tenets of these codes shall be viewed as impunity. Any act of brigandage will be met with appropriate disciplinary measures.  
Code of Ethics:
  1. All categories of workers must arrive office latest 7:00 am dressed in black suit and white shirt underwear. This must be coupled with black shoes.
  2. On arrival to the office, all workers are must observe a personal prayer in his own religion after which all workers should assemble at the main auditorium for briefing.
  3. This organization frowns upon any act of religious intolerance. All workers are only expected to pray according to their own belief so that such worker will feel connected to his ideal concept of God and solicit his God’s help for the day’s job.
  4.  While in the workplace, all workers are mandated to discharge their duties according to the provisions of the units such worker is functioning.
  5. No member of staff is to dress in a sexually provocative way. This is regarded as unethical in the workplace. It tends to distract and eventually leads to low performance which this organization is completely abhorrent to.  
In my place of work, we often have periodic staff meeting to deliberate on the way forward. After preparing the code of ethics, I will wait for one of those meetings and after the usual staff deliberation, I will call the attention of everybody present and explain the reasons for the code of conduct. I will try and explain to them that above all reasons, these codes are for the betterment of all concerned.
Although I know that there will be some forms of condemnation from some members of staff and the possibility of meeting a brick -wall is almost certain, I will ensure that the organization accepts these codes of ethics by living by the dictates of the code. I am so certain that by the time I start conducting myself according the code of ethics, they would all be convinced that I meant well by scripting and presenting the code of ethics.
I will also make sure that I am not distracted from my normal duty and also, I will personally convince co-workers in my department of the inherent benefits of the codes. Once I am able to convince them, I have no doubt that other members of staff will follow suite. Not stopping at conducting myself in appropriate manner and convincing fellow workers to do same, I will encourage the members of the executive community to enforce the law. By so doing, everyone concerned will know that the provisions of the code of conduct are for real.

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