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Human behavior is responsive to the outside world. It depends on the environment and the surroundings of the person and so as the personality of the person develops. The mood is dependent on the ups and down of the life and more is the probability of adopting the behavior of one’s environment. The building of a character is dependent on the outside issues and politics going around. Out of this scenario there rises what has been called character legislative issues, governmental issues that hassles solid aggregate gathering personalities as the premise of activities. The legislative issues of personality are a sort of social legislative issues. It depends on the growth of a society that has the ability to make new and confirmed originations of the self, to expressive group personalities, and to produce a feeling of congregation unwaveringness. As supporting engagement with the social order overall was in an ever widening margin discerned to have processed deficient advance or results, and without a propelling model of a social norms worth battling for, numerous progressives withdrew into a concentrate alone, with no outside help self and into particular social and ideological personality bunches which makes rights, category, and benefit asserts on the foundation of an oppressed character. The aforementioned assemblies incorporated ethnic minorities (Basnett, 2001). The craving to addition sympathy on the groundwork of a stained character was now and again taken to passionate way, concerning illustration when favored people avowed themselves and depend upon the asserted persecution particularly by the feminists. Undoubtedly in the final decade there has been a blast of gatherings vying with each other for social separation of their mistreatment and regard for it.
The chapter also relates the personal psyche of a wife when her husband remains no more and she has to get all things done herself. The chapter is focused on the Joan Didion thinking and the experiences that she suffered in her life. After the death of her parents she was in deep stressed but she knew that it is a part of life and one has to go through from these events and the need of the hour is to remain stiff and tolerated.  The chapter narrated the struggle and the hardship that she faced in her life and at the end there were surprising consequences. She was in favor of the personality development issues, that are focused on the thought that activism includes bunches turning internal and focusing on separatism, solid group characters, and personal objectives concentrated on mental and private self-regard. Numerous dynamic activists today have come to build their personal analysis with respect to by and large and regularly ideologically built characters which are viewed as permanent and all-enveloping. The aforementioned characters, for a significant number, furnish a retreat where they can feel pleasant and privileged from the put-down of the remains of the publicly accepted norms. Today it is the situation that a large number of the aforementioned who purport a radical evaluate of social norms in any case don't feel capable. Personality identification issues describe bunches as so distinctive in relation to each one in turn, with isolating them so wide and unbridgeable, that connection is meaningless. Not just is it posited that working together will unavoidably cannot carry continuous change that might profit any specific aggregation. Also, character gatherings dampen personal contact as a result of their worry that the mental damage (Seelman and Bury, 2005).
Kimmelman was focusing on the connectivity the people imaginations and the art that is portrayed. Kemmelman was in favor of the making the connections with the people knowledge and taking it along with the time. The collections are dealt with the money or the financial statements to keep the functioning in succession. Personality development issues are faced by each of the person that makes interaction with the people. It is common that when a person interacts with the other people then it gains some knowledge due to transfer of information among the people. What really helps the people is meeting is thought inescapably to mischief a different one, what profits them should harm the character. It is a social issue of depression. Personality making issues pushes a retreat into the security of the self dependent upon the festival of gathering character. By seizing however much as would be prudent for one's self and bunch, it uncovered its finish slight for the entire from which it has split for whatever is left of the social order. Personality making issues therefore throw-outs the quest for a simply and extensive result for communal issues (Burchardt, 2000).  
Joan Didion experienced the loss of her husband. It was one of the hardest times that she faced in her life. At times there comes a drastic change in the life of women when her husband dies but Joan Didion did not lose her emotions and temperament and remained stiff. In the chapter one can observe the ups and downs that appeared in her life. Her family relatives initially were supporting her but as the time progressed then they started to avoid her and remain busy in their lives.  Like other accelerating social developments, men and women freeing has been profoundly influenced by the development of character environmental issues. The natural concern has taken two regularly identified outlines which are accepted by the human society. In defining difference feminism, it can be stated that by suggesting that females differ from males in a countless of ways, it identifies feminism with femininity. In what is perhaps the most important version of this philosophy, popularized in the words of many authors. The difference feminism emphasizes that women share a different voice, different moral sensibilities, and an ethic of care. The female differentiation is striking to feminists and non-feminists alike for a number of reasons. Difference feminism appeals to some feminists because it revalues previously devalued characteristics such as emotionality and social connectedness which females are thought to embody. There has to be a regular observation on the people emotional state so that it could be monitored that what is the current situation of the mind set and how people are reacting to these situations. Some people may not express their concerns in words. Changes in behavior, craving, and snooze patterns can be a sign of a person stage of nervousness or uneasiness. In most of the cases with the people, symptoms will ease with encouragement and occasion. However people may be at risk for more concentrated reactions. People who have had what went before traumatic occurrence or individual thrashing, suffer from gloominess or other psychological ill health, or with special needs may be at greater risk for severe reactions than others. Developmentally out of place information can cause anxiety or puzzlement, predominantly in people who are interacting with the society.  By maintenance to a normal timetable can be encouraging and endorse corporal healthiness.
Joan didion has a point of view in her mind that life is really precious. It has to be noted well after the demise of her husband she recovered herself in a very short of time. It is the generosity and strength of her that kept her up and struggled throughout her life. It is common that when a person suffers a serious situation then there is a high ratio of getting tensed and worried. Sometimes without more ado, and sometimes after brief or even extended delay, most of people will practice intense feelings and symptoms related to the disturbing happening. It depends on the intensity of the situation. Not every person experiences the same aftermath to the same disturbance. This is lock, stock and barrel normal. This normal, acute rejoinder to trauma is not called post traumatic constant worry disarray unless it is importunate over time and does not slowly but without doubt heal. There could be many symptoms in such conditions for example: greater than before awakening, problem lessening, complicatedness in decision making, bad temper, complexity intent, anger, tremor of sorrow, hyper vigilance, surprise responses, sweating, sickness, wobbly and ache. Apart from these reactions on the body there could be more than that for example: changeable and out of control, beating of independence, liberty, sense of unfaithfulness, injustice, distrust, sense of dreadful conditions, disgrace or individual fault, unresponsiveness, responsibility and misery over sufferers.
Kimmelman had a view in mind that the best way to tell people the inside feeling is by portray everything in painting. The piece of art needs to be considered indeed so that the observer could get to know what is going on currently. It happens with everyone as it happened with Kimmelman. Misery is a regular response to the misfortune of an adored one, a relationship or to a sudden change in life conditions. It is an unwelcome, however unavoidable part of life for every living soul. In times of extraordinary sadness, an individual can lose engage in life, improve misery and suicidal tendencies. Anguish backing is an essential part of recovery and recuperation from misery. Clinicians, therapists, prepared volunteers or guides can take after the standards of despondency back and assist individuals in trouble. A downhearted adds force to advisor must investigate the emotions that create misery in the dispossessed individual. In some cases blame, outrage and stun may be slinking underneath the melancholy. The instructor can talk about the relationship between the dispossessed individual and the left individual. Such conveyance can uncover parts of the relationship that avert the deprived individual from proceeding onward. A helper who gives sorrow underpin must layout all the ready method of backing to a dispossessed individual. A protected, welcoming, constant gathering place and absence of preoccupations or unsettling influences throughout gatherings are helpful. The laborer must obviously separate the borders of hopelessness uphold and the conditions for referral to a pro. Following could be the dreadful consequences for grief occurrence. Reduced investment or pleasure in every day exercises. Sleep deprivation or hypersonic, absence of vigor, flaw, sentiments of insignificance or responsibility and ineffectualness to center of attention.
In the nutshell it is stated by the fact the conditions when there is sadness and tensions then there could be hard results that are harmful for the personality so in order to prevail such conditions there has to a strong personality and self belief so that these hard time could not destroy the character of the person who is in deep stress and anxiety. Joan Didion and Kimmelman are clear cut examples of it that how these people fight back to the difficulties of life and remained calm. There is a very well thought-off for all of the readers. There is a difference between the personality of the man and woman when they are subjected to such hard situations. They both have different psyches which react to such situations in their own ways. The point to be considered is to be strong and try to maintain one in stressful time to keep maintained and stiff. Some of the people lose their temper and tolerance in such stressful conditions that destroys the mental level but those people who remains inflexible and firms in anguished state of affairs then these people remain happy and calm.    

Basnett (2001) Health Care Professionals and Their Attitudes Towards Decisions Affecting Disabled People. In Albrecht G.A.,
The author tried to tell that the identity politics is centered on the suggestion that activism involves groups turning innermost and constant worry autonomy, strong collective identities, and political goals focused on psychological and personal sense of worth. It makes very clear that what really happens with the politics when the people involve the wrath and the sensitivity in such matters resulting in the drastic consequences. It also needs the development of firm definitions of the boundaries between those who have particular communal distinctiveness.
Seelman  and Bury (2005) Handbook of disability Studies Sage. New York.
In this book author tried to convince that feminism has been profoundly exaggerated by the development of individuality politics. Within feminism, identity politics has taken two often related forms which, together makes the perfect combination in politics. One is by and large referred to as difference or essentialist feminism.
Burchardt (2000) Enduring Economic Exclusion: Disabled 17 people, income and work. Joseph Rowntree Foundation. York.
In this book author truly defines the feminism and the individual politics. It has raised the issues at the moment add up to a emergency of definition as well as an alternative about how to carry on. The author has offered a number of poles apart definitions of feminism. In one segment of the manuscript the author sponsors a definition of feminism that focal point on differentiation together with anything as feminist that people makes stronger.
Campbell (1996) Disabling Politics: Understanding our past, changing our future, Routledge, London.
The author tried to explain the point of view that in present-day politics of acknowledgment, recognition and respect are brought in somebody's company in a characteristic assemblage. The allocation of respect is supposed to be stranded in knowledge of uniqueness. It also demonstrates the close connection stuck between two components of gratitude that are the cognition and respect. The author is agreed to the fact that identity politics has played a vital part in the development of exceptionality and rarity of ideology.

Oliver (1990) The Politics of Disablement. Macmillan. Houndmills.
The author tried to explain that the political affairs that stresses strong collective group identities as the basis of political psychoanalysis and accomplishment. As political appointment with the society as a whole was all the time more professed to have produced insufficient development and in the absence of a convincing model of a civilization worth under pressure. The description of the author depicts the specific cultural and ideological identity groups which made constitutional rights, category, and dispensation. The author’s point of view is very much similar to the identity and unique ideology for the modern politics.


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