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Premier Consultancy Services

We are a Construction services firm which offers services to construction clients all over United States of America and the rest of the world. Being one of the top construction firm, we offer our clients a wide array of Value Added Services in addition to what Premier is known for. By strategic partnerships with construction managers, consulting managers, owners and construction firms, we assist in Industrial Construction, Project Management, Contract Staffing and Safety Management.

Our leadership and management prides itself with diverse industry knowledge. The team possesses unprecedented levels of commitment and professional qualification for proper project delivery. The founder and CEO, Kurt Bravo is a visionary leader who has been keen on organization change and also efficient project management and coordination. He has also managed to build a well-equipped and qualified staff to take your project to the next level.

We pride in offering the highest quality of service, establishment of thorough, detailed, and long-term working relationship with our clients and employees, and optimization of our clients’ operations, delivery and project planning.
Over the years, our firm has immersed vast human resources and experience. Apart from our quality we always strive to a premier full-service construction firm, dominant in the USA and internationally.  We also excel in large, complex, and problematic projects in which we are able to bring our expertise and experience into play for the timely, effective and efficient completion of those projects.
Our customers have more than once called us … “the leaders in the business”. And this is a reflection of our cultural values of keeping the customers interests first, honesty, customer service, and market based consultation, ethics of hard work, time management and most importantly, highest quality of services.
We have time and again managed to combine our human resources, technical experience and client collaboration to meet tough demands.
“There is no problem; only opportunity to exceed above and demand our client’s expectation.”
Establish an inspirational and compelling vision for the PPM, to allow possessing of a rich and diverse industry knowledge, and instill value and commitment to our customers.
We have a mission statement to establish and develop a compelling vision for premier project management, while possessing cost-effective and timely management of our client projects. Our senior management has leadership qualities to effectively manage your project by offering excellent construction project management services meeting your project expectations. With years of construction industry project management experience, our team leads have unprecedented level of commitment to provide best services exactly within your project timeline and budgets.
We offer services in the following areas to meet our client needs:
Premier offers Industrial Construction, Industrial services, Repairs and Maintenance. This is geared to ensure your equipment function safely and properly. We have more than ………… certified and trained technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 to minimize up time and reduce expensive down times.
Premier covers shutdowns (unplanned and planned) and single part repairs too. Our team has the technology, the know-how, experience and training to deliver high quality inspection, maintenance, and testing services anywhere and anytime.
Our Industrial Services covers
1.      NDE /NDT Inspection
2.      Heat Testing
3.      Leak Repair
4.      Emissions Control
5.      Hot Taps, Line Stops
6.      Field Machining services
7.      Torquing and Bolting
8.      Valve repair
9.      Concrete repair
10.  Isolation Test Plug Installation
11.  Valve Insertion
12.  Mechanical Integrity
13.  Manufacturing
14.  Specialty Welding

Premier offers the best in the market in piping, piping fabrication, and installation. Our services cover spools, installation and fabricates for industrial clients. Premier uses elevations and piping plans to generate client tailored spool sheets and piping isometrics. We also procure, procure and generate bills of piping materials.
We support our clients through maintenance of piping systems and turnaround activities. Our pipe fitters, supervisors and fabrication shops are always ready to undertake installations for turnkey projects fabrications in support of capital projects.
Premier Mechanical (PM) pipe fitting staff are experts in all aspects of process piping. We specialize in the installation of all types of piping materials including: carbon steel, stainless steel, HDPE, CPVC, PVC, galvanized, copper, aluminum and ductile iron.
Premier boosts of large staff of highly skilled pipe fitters and supervisors who can easily be mobilized and rescheduled for emergencies and extensive projects. With Qualifications, such as Certified Victual installers, ASME B31.3 PVC, HDPE and CPVC bonder qualification, ANSI/ASME B31 qualified welders for carbon steel and stainless steel pipe, quality and value is maintained. The staff and supervisors are available 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to keep your operations, constructions, maintenance and repairs going for continuous operations.
Premier specializing in process piping installations, which including but not limited to the following: gas, hydraulic, compressed air, cooling water, refrigeration, coolant, steam and condensate, fuel, lube, material handling and vacuum. PM also provides quality design, installation and repair of all types of piping systems including complete cooling systems. Joint methods include: grooved, welded, brazed, soldered, threaded, flared, glued, mechanical press fit (propress), cone and thread, and compression.
Premier services cover complete rough and finish plumbing installations including water service piping, back flow installation, back flow certification and service.
Apart from our expertise in pipe insulation installation and our services include shutdown outage support. We cover comprehensive and scheduled shutdowns to emergency weekend outages that can last a few hours, Premier Mechanical(PM) supports shutdown and outage projects of all size and duration. Firsthand experience with projects ranging from hires to equipment failures gives us the capacity to provide a skilled team at a moment's notice, if necessary.
Premier understands that outages require both long and short-term planning to achieve the goal of eliminating delays. Our project supervisors provide detailed process planning which ensures your project is handled efficiently from preparation stages to completion. Our management team customizes shutdown programs to fit the scope of each project and meet your specific requirements. Premier Mechanical works independently with your in-house staff in order to maximize your resources. We handle all aspects of the shutdown, freeing you from the time-consuming effort of dealing with numerous vendors. Our smooth and effective process, get you back on line- on time, on budget, safely and effectively.

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Throughout the country, Premier is known for its value added electrical services. Through design/build and Design/Assist and delivery methods, Premier has demonstrated the capacity to work with engineers, architects, and users to ensure value service delivery.
During schematics and design, Premier provides construct ability comments, value engineering, and conceptual pricing by using preliminary information. Premier resources and commitment bring vast experience and value. Through design capabilities, equipment and material equipment, field supervision, project management tools, value added relationships and the strength of tradesman-ship, Premier is able to deliver top-notch Electrical Services.

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